The tool for Active Lessons Learned

Lessons Management Hub (LMH) is a web based tool, designed by practitioners to assist and co-ordinate your Lessons Learned program.

LMH Benefits

  • Lessons and incidents can be reported from any point or system - AAR, Debriefs, Reports or ad hoc
  • All ideas and incidents are centrally controlled and reported from beginning to end
  • Investigations and actions are assigned to existing roles in your process database
  • Receive notifications via email and a single Task Portal.
  • Audit history from idea to actions to process change history
  • Monitoring and sign-off, linked into Risk and Compliance.

Business Benefits

Doing Lessons Learned in your organisation can be a challenge and no tool will do it for you. But LMH directly supports you.
  • Complete System - provides all the features you will need for end-to-end processing of a lesson.
  • Business Compliance – allows companies to implement improvement plans that are compliant with their quality standards, particularly ISO9001-2015, as well as external government regulations (as applicable).
  • Better Problem Management – allows businesses to continually analyse reported issues for prevailing trends, and hence puts them in good stead to detect and fix the root cause of issues / complaints.
  • Improved Team Collaboration – allows businesses to bring all team members to contribute towards the improvement plan. This helps improve their overall product and service delivery through adoption of best practices
  • Goal Setting - organisations can set and achieve quality benchmarks. They can create a better structured, more process-oriented organisation that is both adaptive and continuously evolving for the better.